Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,  

I want to like you. I do. I want to support you and I want to be proud of you. I want to look up to you and I want to feel safe. You are our President, whether we admit it or not. I want to respect you.   

But you make it so damn hard.  

I used to watch “The Apprentice” and I’ll admit, I thought that even though you seemed to be just a reality TV star, you knew a lot about money, you didn’t mess around and you didn’t take crap from anyone. I held on to that during your presidential campaign. Maybe this tough guy is exactly what we need. Maybe he’s much smarter than we give him credit for.  

Then the Access Hollywood tapes came out. I was disgusted, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I like to believe that people can change. And I’m very familiar with “locker room” talk. I told myself there was no way you would ever say something so offensive now. Then the Howard Stern tapes. OK, settle down people. It’s the Howard Stern show. This was YEARS before running for President. People can change.  

But then during the debates, you made a crude comment about Megyn Kelly.  You posted a split-screen image of your model wife next to Ted Cruz’s wife claiming that a picture is worth a thousand words. What exactly did you mean by that? Because to me, you were saying that we should vote for you because you have the prettier spouse Then to Carly Fiorina, you said “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?” and you asked a female reporter to come closer so you could get a better look at her smile. No way. The President can’t be THAT sexist.  

In my newsfeed, I see stories of tantrums and inappropriate tweets and awkward interactions because the President is just so childish and creepy. You blame it on fake news but then I see the actual footage of it and I see that it is very real. And I just cannot believe that THAT really happened. You said you preferred “people that weren’t captured” about POW McCain. So you’re saying he’s not a hero? And don’t even get me started on all of the racist comments you’ve made or the way you DIDN’T handle Charlottesville. I really want to believe that you are often taken out of context, maybe?  

But then I read your tweets obsessing about ratings and how you claim to know the most about every single issue that we face and how you are the best at everything and honestly, it makes me feel like you are a 15 year old boy trying to win over a girl.  That doesn’t build my confidence in you, Mr. President.  

I want to support my President. I want to feel like we are in good hands.  

My son is a United States Marine and I feel as if it’s my duty to stand behind my President because of my love for this country and my love for my son who has chosen to serve under your command, Mr. President. 

But you make it so damn hard. We are more divided than ever.  

Please help me. Please be presidential. Please think before you speak. Please stop insulting people. I’m tired of feeling so afraid and hopeless. We are going to destroy ourselves.  Please prove me wrong.  

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