You’re weird!

Stay weird.
Whatever you do, do not comply to fit into someone else’s misconception of who you should be. Do not shrink yourself or try to be someone you are not.
The ones who belong in your life will already know how magnificent and unique you are. They will love all of your weird little quirks and habits. Some might find them annoying, but the right people will find them endearing. (Or still annoying but they will love the shit out of you anyways).
Please stay weird.
Weird is a good thing. It means you’re different. Yes! There is no one like you. You are one of a kind. You are goofy and strange and you get upset about stupid nonsense and you become passionate about things that most people think are trivial. That is something to be celebrated!
Dance around your kitchen. Sing in strange voices. Spend hours taking selfies because you think you look funny or awesome or hideous. Do what makes you feel good! Be with those who bring out your best. Go for long walks and talk to yourself. Enjoy your own company! Pretend you’re a ballerina when you run through the living room. Wink at yourself in the mirror. Pretend that you’re the star in a music video when you’re singing in your car. Stop worrying about who might see you and what they will say.
We don’t have time for that.
Living by someone else’s standards is boring and fake. Be you.
Be weird.

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