My heart broke today.

My heart broke today.
As I was reading a text from my son, I realized that he has “mom’s house” and “dad’s house” but he does not have a home, and that is normal. I sat at my desk, in tears, overwhelmed with sad thoughts.
It’s completely normal for children to not remember what it was like when their parents were together.
I log into Facebook and all I see are families fighting, friends arguing, people spewing hatred, and that’s normal.
A girl is sexually assaulted by a friend, but she stays silent because no one would believe her anyways, and that’s normal. She would be forever shamed, and that’s normal.
Brothers and sisters no longer speak to each other.
You cannot go outside alone after dark because you might get raped or murdered.
Everyone is addicted to something.
Prayer is now considered a bad thing.
Anyone can go out and buy a gun and blow innocent people away and instead of coming together, we all fight. And that’s normal.
We judge everyone. We shame everyone, for everything. It’s normal.
What happened to the world I used to live in? People loved. We just loved.
It all hit me today.
We’re all alone now, either worried about offending someone or purposely offending people.
We are all scared.
We don’t talk to each other. We don’t hug it out. We don’t love our way through it.
What is wrong with us?
I don’t want to be normal.


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