Being stuck is a lie.

Why do we always get stuck? We are always stuck, somewhere. A dead end job, a pointless relationship, a shit hole town, boring routines and thankless work. It seems like we are always just stuck.
How often do you say, “I’m just not happy”? Or maybe you don’t even say it out loud, but you certainly think it. “I’m just not happy”. Why can’t we just be happy?
Because we are chicken shits, that’s why.
Change is scary. We get comfortable with our routines, with our relationships, etc. Change is just too much work and it’s too scary. What if things don’t go exactly as planned? What if I end up hurt or even more miserable?
Well, there are always going to be a million “what if’s”. I challenge you to eliminate the “what if” and replace it with “why not?” I guarantee your answer will be “because I’m scared” and I’m sorry but that answer is bullshit.
We are afraid of the unknown, when we should all be afraid of is staying in the same place!
We are constantly growing, learning and changing. The things that mattered to you a year ago seem trivial now. The things that caused you heart ache 3 years ago have made you tougher than you ever thought you’d be. The thing that made you lose your shit yesterday is done and over with and you’re kind of embarrassed about it.
This is the flow of life. It is constant change. When we try to resist that change, we find ourselves asking, “why am I just not happy?”.
We do not know what might happen if we leave our unfulfilling job. We do not know where we will be a year from now if we distance ourselves from toxic people. But what we DO know, is that we are not getting more than one shot at this whole life thing, so why would you stay complacent? Why would you continue to be depressed day after day, wanting more, when the MORE we crave is within our grasp. It is called change.
And yes, it is scary as hell. But dammit, we’re not getting out of here alive and I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being unhappy. I’m tired of complaining about the same shit, day after day after day and doing nothing about it.
We have the power within us. We have everything we need to create our own perfect little existence.
Stop being a chicken shit.
We’re all going to have regrets and people who say they have no regrets are full of shit. I would rather live my life full of regrets than not at least taking a chance at finding what fulfills me! There will always be a chance that things will go wrong. Why not, at least try? Without those regrets, we would never learn. Appreciate them.
What regret could possibly be worse than looking back at your life and realizing you were too chicken shit to take a leap of faith? What regret could possibly be worse than spending every day with your feet planted on the ground, in the same place, stuck?
We are never stuck. You just have to move your feet and take that leap of faith. I can’t promise you won’t regret it, but I can promise you this; you will regret not jumping.


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