Be your own best friend.

We want to be the “go to” friend who is always there to pick up the pieces. We give the best advice. We nurture, support and defend our best friends to the ends of the earth. When a friend is mistreated, we are so quick to say “enough is enough. You deserve so much better than that!” along with a few insults directed at the bad guy. It is painful and frustrating to sit back and watch someone you care about repeatedly being treated disrespectfully. We ask ourselves “why does she put up with that?” and “doesn’t she see that she’s worth so much more than that?” or even “I would NEVER put up with that”.
Why is it so easy for us to want (and DEMAND) only the absolute best for those we love, yet we do not apply the same standards to ourselves? Why are our friends worthy of a healthy relationship and we deserve toxicity?
At some point in our lives, something happened that created this mindset that we are not worthy.
“We accept the love we think we deserve”.
Yet we know, without a doubt, that those dearest to us are worthy of only the absolute best. They deserve to be swept off their feet, cuddled and pampered. They deserve to feel safe, to feel loved, and to know that they matter, that they are special and that their feelings are validated. Our best friends deserve to feel so very special. Anything less is simply unacceptable. But not for us. 
Why do we not require the same for ourselves?
We need to start being our own best friend. Happiness starts and ends with YOU. What you choose to allow and what you choose to walk away from because it no longer serves you positively is what will make or break your contentment. 
We need to start being our biggest cheerleader, our biggest defender and protector. We would never think that it’s perfectly fine for someone to hurt our best friend, our sister, our mother or brother. Let’s set the same standards for ourselves. If we do not see our own worth, how can we expect anyone else to? We have to take ourselves seriously. It’s never too late to start loving yourself so much that you just won’t allow poison into your life. 
I am responsible for my heart, so I will treasure it. Repeat it. Believe it. 
It’s time we start to see ourselves the way that those who love us do. If we cherished our own hearts as much as we cherish others, think of all the heart ache that could be spared.
YOU deserve to heard, respected and valued just as much. YOU are the one person you will always have. YOU matter just as much and YOU are worth it.

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